#11 Husam Hishmeh, Owner of 82 Domino’s Pizza restaurants, started with no money.

Husam Hishmeh, owner of 82 Domino’s Pizza restaurants and it all started in 1989 with no money at the age of 19 as an immigrant from Jordan.

  • How is it possible to buy a business with no money?
  • Husam shares great insight on how much effort he put into his business at 19 years old.
  • 3 tips for new business owners: 40 hours/week does not exist, Be Hungry, Be patient for results.

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Non-Profit Spotlight.  KIRF

Our Non-profit spotlight is with KIRF, Kirwin International Relief Foundation.  The do 2nd stage relief for areas that have been hit with a crises.  They go to the area when most initial responders have left. There are still many issues to address.  100% of the funds donated go directly to meeting needs in the crises area. The next trip is a for Hurricane Harvey in Houston.  Please consider showing your support by donating online at KIRFAID.ORG

2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about “Leaving a Legacy” . Sometimes we’re so focused on building financial assets we forget about the personal legacy we leave behind.   What impact do  you want to leave on your friends & family after you’re gone?

What values, philosophies and principles do you want to ensure are passed down to future generations? Michael shares some perspective on how to address this.   For more financial planning needs visit Maranantha.com

The Mailbag

Today Michael answers 3 questions from listeners. How can I get more help with my 401k?   Should I start a 529 plan or Roth IRA for my kids?  What books or podcasts do you recommend?  You can contact Michael at michael@allocationlink.com

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