#15 John Krist, CEO for Farm Bureau of Ventura County.

Michael Anderson’s Big Money in the 805 talks about farming in Ventura County.

John Krist, CEO for Farm Bureau of Ventura County. 

  • What are the issues that Farmers deal with today?
  • Describe the size and diversity of Ventura County’s agriculture economy.
  • Discuss the current water situation for Ventura County & farmers.

Learn more about the Farm Bureau of Ventura County online at farmbureauvc.com

Non-Profit Spotlight

Mary Maranville, CEO of Seeag is on the program talking about her non-profit SEEAG which helps teach youth about farming. Ventura County Farm Day is on November 4th this year, get more information online.

Learn more online at  Seeag.org and venturacountyfarmday.com/


2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about “Risk Management” and he shares the 7 items you should consider when looking at different types of insurance.

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The Mailbag

Michael talks about Socially Responsible Investing and shares a website you can look at for investing with your children with as little as $5. Take a look at stockpile.com You can contact Michael at maranantha.com or 805-665-3767.



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