#19 CA Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, Engineer, Leader, Connector

Michael Anderson talks with CA Assembly-member Jacqui Irwin.

Assembly-member Jacqui Irwin. 

  • You were an All-American Swimmer at UC San Diego, tell us about swimming.  
  • How has being an engineer helped with being in the State Assembly? 
  • You are a good community organizer, how did you get started in politics?
  • What are some of the projects you’ve had success with and what are you working on? 

Learn more about CA State Assembly-member Jacqui Irwin online:  a44.asmdc.org Facebook: @AssemblymemberJacquiIrwin        Twitter: @ASM_Irwin

Nonprofit Spotlight: Brought to you by Aera Energy. 

Our nonprofit spotlight guest is Marsha Bailey, Founder and CEO of Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV)

WEV is a wonderful resource for the community.  WHAT IS WEV? How did it get started?

What classes can people can participate in, what’s the best way to get connected.

Learn more about Women’s Economic Ventures by going to their website:  wevonline.org

2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about “2 financial planning concepts” with your personal finances. Here is what you want to know.

  • Progress not Perfection – What’s next for you financially?
  • Do you live for today or are you more focused on planning for tomorrow?

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Enjoy the show and please join us again soon. 



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