#23 Captain Chris Janke, Naval Base Ventura County, Commanding Officer.

Michael Anderson talks with Naval Base Ventura County’s Commanding Officer, Captain Chris Janke.

Captain Chris Janke, Naval Base Ventura County’s Commanding Officer.  

We talk about the economic impact of having the base in Ventura County and how they have partnered well with the greater community. We also discuss the three properties that make up the Naval Base Ventura County.

  • What is the role and job of a Commanding Officer?
  • What makes Naval Base Ventura County unique and do you see it growing, shrinking or staying the same?
  • What types of training exercises and projects are taking place at the Naval Base? 

Learn more about Naval Base Ventura County online, visit their website at: https://cnic.navy.mil/

Nonprofit Spotlight: 

Our guest today is Jessica Morrison, the Executive Director at Resource Conservation Partners.  Visit their website at: resourceconservationpartners.org 


  • What is Resource Conservation Partners?
  • The fire has gone through so much of our Hillsides. How do we work smart? Where do we go from this point moving forward?
  • To learn more about Resource Conservation Partners or contact Jessica Morrison,  the Executive Director visit their website at: resourceconservationpartners.org

2-Minute Drill

In the aftermath of Thomas Fire, many of us take a step back and try to ask ourselves… How can we be prepared if something like this happens again?  What do we take, what do we put in the go-bag if we’re evacuated?  Many folks that evacuated didn’t have time to really think about this…  As we think about how we can be prepared for a disaster in the future we have to look at our financial situation.  Today I want to take this 2 minute drill to talk with you about NAPFA.  You can visit their website NAPFA.ORG. It is the National association of Personal Financial Advisors.  They list all of the Fee-Only financial advisors in your area. Talk with your financial advisor to see how you can get a “Document Vault” this is where you can safely & securely store your important documents online. 

 If you want to speak directly to Michel about any of your financial matters you can email him Michael@Maranantha.com or you can get financial planning help at Maranantha.com


Our guest in studio is Luke Klinzing, with Sunrise Enteprise & Construction, located here in Ventura, CA. *  805-947-9114. Luke thanks for coming in today.

  • We hear that you should “Check the license” What does that mean to CHECK the license? What should people do?   
  • We know it’s a good idea to ask for referrals a good contractor will have referrals and photos of past work. But what questions should we ask when we’re calling on those referrals?  
  • What other advice can you share with people when they are going to do a remodel or rebuild?

You can contact Luke Klinzing or Bill with Sunrise Enteprise & Construction, located here in Ventura, CA. * You can reach their office at  805-947-9114.

Enjoy the show and please join us again soon. 



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