#28 Kevin Costner talks about his childhood & much more

Michael Anderson talks with Kevin Costner about growing up in Ventura, his work ethic, following his dreams and the music festival thomasfirebenefit.com

Kevin Costner, Ventura 

Kevin Costner talks about moving to Ojai as a child, playing baseball, coming of age in Ventura and the memories of his childhood. We talk about his work ethic, following his dreams and how his Mom & Dad taught love & discipline.

5 Classic Kevin Costner Quotes in this Interview.

  • “I’ve lived many places, but Ventura is where I’m from”
  • “Dreams are really important and how you follow your dreams is important too, good ideas don’t come to you sitting still.”
  • As a child moving to Ojai, Kevin says to his Dad “Is this hevan?” His Dad responds, “No, it’s Topa Lane.” Ojai, CA.
  • “The idea that you’re going to worry about people think as you’re trying to make your way is something you’ve got to shake off.”
  • “When I drive through Ventura (on the 101, as I’m) passing the Pierpont Inn, I have to wipe away the memories.”

Listen to Kevin Costner & Modern West. Here is a touching song “The Sun Will Rise Again” played by Kevin Costner & Modern West

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Non-Profit Spotlight: 

Today’s spotlight is brought to you by: Aera Energy: Powered by safety, innovation and community. We help keep California moving forward!

Our guest today is Anne King, the executive director of the Ventura College Foundation.  She talks about the VC Promise, the text book lending program and more.  Learn more online at vcgiving.org

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The Mailbag

Our guest Greg Abrams is the Branch Manager for American Pacific Mortgage. He answers 3 questions about home loans.

  1. What is the best way to find a loan officer when buying a home?
  2. What is the difference between banker, broker and mortgage banker?
  3. What do I need to know about getting a reverse mortgage?

You can contact Greg at apmloan.com/ (805) 667-8465

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