#5 Radio Show: Mike Panesis of CLU’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Principle 4 having a financial buffer.

Michael talks about having a financial buffer or emergency account and adds some perspective as to why that is important.
Our Interview is with Mike Panesis, Director of California Lutheran University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. He shares perspectives with starting a business, the history of start-ups in the 805 and how a hacker, hipster and hustler are 3 roles in every new business.  Learn more at: Center for Entrepreneurship or  hub101.la
2-Minute Drill
Michael lays out the 4th principle of his 12 principles of personal finance.  Having a Financial Buffer is the key to sustaining your lifestyle when life happens and it catches you by surprise, losing a job, starting a business or seizing an opportunistic opportunity. You can get financial planning help at Maranantha.com
Non-Profit Spotlight
MOXI –  a world-class museum in the 805 that provides opportunities for learning outside the traditional classroom. Check out this new museum off State street in Santa Barbara. An interactive experiences in science and creativity. Learn more online: Moxi.org
The Mailbag
Michael answers a few questions about what happens to your 401k loan if you lose your job or change jobs and he shares insight into what you should pay for help with investments and financial planning.
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Enjoy the show and please join us again soon!
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