#7 Radio Program: “Water Focus: Ventura County” with Susan Mulligan & Mauricio Guardado

Overview: Today is our “Water Focus: Ventura County” show.

Our Feature Interview is with Susan Mulligan,  General Manager of Callegaus Municipal Water District and Mauricio Guardado General Manager of United Water Conservation District.

  • Why is West Ventua County in dark red on the drought maps right now?
  • Is desalinization a solution we need to look at or is that our last option?
  • How does the water industry & informed people feel about CA WATER FIX? (twin tunnels)
  • Where does Ventura County get it’s water?
  • Groundwater Management is a hot button issue, what are some solutions?
  • What are some examples of how water agencies collaborate locally?

Learn more online: CA WATER FIX


Non-Profit Spotlight – 

The Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County (AWA) was formed in 1976 to exchange of information on local and regional water issues.Regular meetings and special events are held to share information, and encourage discussion and innovative solutions to water issues facing Ventura County.  All are welcome to join or attend the meetings Learn more online at AWAVC.ORG

2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about how to Invest Wisely, it stars with understanding your approach. Are you active or passive?  Are you doing it yourself, collaborating with someone or delegating the responsibility?  Michael challenges you to think about your approach and he also offers a quiz on identifying the differences between Assets & Liabilities.  You can get financial planning help at Maranantha.com


The Mailbag

Greg Mauk, our resident Insurance expert and owner of Geico Local Office answers 3 questions about insurance.  The simplicity of changing car insurance with a simple phone call, the difference between Geico Local Office and Geico national offices and some insurance tips.

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Enjoy the show and please join us again soon!


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