#9 John Greathouse, Forbes, UCSB, Angel Investor with Rincon Venture Partners

Our Feature Interview is with John Greathouse, Angel Investor, Contributor to Forbes magazine, on Faculty at UCSB technology management program, Partner at Rincon Venture Partners.   Get the insider’s perspective to angel investing here in the 805.

  • How vibrant is Santa Barbara in the start-up space? What can be done to bolster up this sector?
  • Is the TV program Shark Tank a true depiction of angel investing?
  • What should kids be learning for tomorrow’s careers (hint: it’s not coding)
  • What is the role of an advisor for a start-up and what value can they bring?
  • What is the hummingbird effect and a current example in technology?

Learn more about John online:  Johngreathouse.com  Twitter:@johngreathouse Forbes:Link to John’s Articles

Non-Profit Spotlight –  Food Forward

Ventura County is #11 is the Nation with agriculture production. The staggering statistic is that 40% of food goes to waste. Food Forward recovers food that might not be used and delivers it to 300 different agencies in 8 counties within Southern California.  Learn more about Food Forward online: Foodforward.org


2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about “Guidance” with your personal finances. where do you go when you are looking for guidance with financial matters?  

Wherever you get your advice from, it is only good if it meets 3 criteria.

  1. It has to be consistent with your values.
  2. It has to be in-line and appropriate for the goals you are working toward.
  3. It has to provoke action


Where ever you get your financial guidance from, make sure passes these 3 criteria. it’s consistent with your values, in-line & appropriate with your goals and it provokes you to take action.  You can get financial planning help at Maranantha.com

The Mailbag

Today Michael talks about 3 questions dealing with rolling over a 401k into an IRA and considerations for doing that. He also shares the importance of having a trust for estate planning purposes. He mentions that his site allocationlink.com is a simple place to open an IRA online and get the process of consolidating retirement accounts started. You can contact Michael at michael@allocationlink.com

Enjoy the show and please join us again soon!



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