Podcast: Big Money. Episode 1


Show Notes

In this 30 minute episode Michael will introduce his concept for the show and how he intends  add value for listeners each week.  The financial industry is changing and he is helping to allow more access to financial services at a lower cost.   His two websites he created are Maranantha.com and Allocationlink.com  

In the 2-Minute Drill, Michael talks about the “6 Key Areas of Concern” in personal finance.  He leads you through a self assessment on each of the 6 Areas and helps you find a path to start improving your financial well being.

The Non-Profit Spotlight highlights the Ventura Botanical Gardens  The views are majestic and it’s always an impressive place to visit or take guests in Downtown Ventura.

The Mailbag, Michael answers a few questions that were emailed in. He shares his thoughts on the current water solutions for West Ventura County, is Netflix a good buy right now, how important is it that my parents have a trust…

Finally, the last 3 minutes is an interview in which Tom Spence asks Michael a few questions…

Enjoy the show and please join us again soon.