Marlyss Auster, President & CEO of Visit Ventura

Michael Anderson talks about the economy of tourism in Ventura this week on Big Money in the 805.

Marlyss Auster, President & CEO of Visit Ventura

  • How is tourism in Ventura and what are the goals?
  • Share some strategy with online efforts & social media including
  • Less is more, talk to us about how longer duration stays are more valuable.
  • What do local Ventura residents miss and take for granted living here?

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Non-Profit Spotlight  Ventura County Legal Aid. 

Charmaine Buhener is the President of Ventura County Legal Aid and they offer free legal advice for low income individuals. This has been a great resource for the community.  

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2-Minute Drill

Michael talks about “Financial Success for people that hate finance”

5 priorities to focus on.

  1. Start an emergency fund.
  2. Pay off All of your Debt
  3. Invest 15% (or more) household income into Retirement
  4. Save for Home Down Payment.
  5. Build Wealth and give back

You can get financial planning help at

The Mailbag

Michael talks about social security, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and getting kids started. You can contact Michael at or 805-665-3767.



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